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Child Sponsorship Program

Grace International has three orphanages in Port-au-Prince–one with 60 girls, another with 35 boys, and a third in Petion-Ville with 67 children. We keep our numbers small for several reasons, including the important fact that this is a home and a family for these children, not just a place to stay.

We not only provide food and shelter, but also education, guidance, love, and opportunities for a better life. We choose not to run our homes like a ‘mill’, but rather a comfortable and safe place for our children to develop into productive and strong members of society.

Most of our children came to us as babies, or at a very young age, and many of the first generation have grown up to become doctors, nurses, bank managers, teachers, pastors, and humanitarian workers. We pride ourselves and our orphanages in knowing that these are real homes, and we are a family.

We need much help and support in order to remain effective in how we raise our children. We provide a place to stay, good food and water, clothes, healthcare, education (including guidance and support for higher education and vocational training).

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