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Lord's Feeding Program

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Feeding Program – Lord’s Kitchen


Over 2000 children and adults are fed daily at our Feeding Centers and schools. For a couple of decades now, this program has brought and sustained hope for many children and families, thanks to the many groups and individuals that support this program.

After the Communion Service, on Easter Sunday 2010, we dedicated “The Lord’s Kitchen” program; with the intent of feeding over 5,000 people, including children, everyday. Since then we continue to feed between 700 and 1,500 children 5 days per week.

Historically, the Christian church meetings were held in people’s homes and surrounded a meal, during which attendees would fellowship with each other and share in one-another’s growth. Pastors with their churches and all who care are invited to come and host a week of this outreach thus feeding their Haitian brothers and sisters both physically and spiritually.

Grace International invites you to come for a week of ministry of spiritual and physical food to the refugees on the compound. Bring spiritual and physical food to the refugees on the compound. Bring your own cooks, preachers and teachers to serve the people.


Contact us for scheduling your week of ministry of “The Lord’s Kitchen” at Grace Village Haiti.

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