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Other Work of Grace International


Other Work


One of the tools we use in this great revolution of hope is stadium conferences and leadership training seminars for people all over the country

Regular pastoral training seminars bring pastors and leaders from all areas of the country to share and learn leadership skills that will keep them effective in their respective communities.


Bishop Jeune and his Wife host their own show twice a week on television reaching over 3 million viewers. We also have a radio station on the southeast border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Bishop Jeune regularly meets with the media to offer guidance and direction for the nation’s people.



In partnership with Femmes Cervantes, Grace International unites women of all ages, races, and denominations through seminars and conferences where they are empowered and equipped as the backbones of their communities. It is a branch of End Time Handmaidens and Servants International.



Bishop Jeune in cooperation with Gospel Crusade Missions sponsors and oversees over 300 churches all over the country of Haiti. The numbers are growing as we continue to share the love and hope of God with Haitian people.



A school where believers are being trained and equipped to lead and spread the good news of hope. (Sponsored by Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Pastor Billy Joe Dougherty)



In order to keep the young people in a safe and positive environment, a soccer team was founded in the Bois Caiman area. The team, B.C.F.J. has won many championships and excelled in their league.

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