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Grace Haiti Mission Compound - Perimeter Walls Destroyed

By Recent Floods!



God bless you and thank you for standing with us to show all the love of Jesus and make life better for the citizens of Haiti both grownups and children. A recent heavy rain and resultant Flood destroyed a 245 foot long by 8 foot tall perimeter wall. Security for our Girls Home has been severely compromised. Rampant violent protests and riots occur daily nearby in Port Au Prince. Many homes have been robbed, people beaten and killed. There is also concern about the squatters taking advantage of the situation to come on our property and put up tents or build homes.  In Haiti, without walls, all properties are vulnerable to squatter’s rights.


To rebuild a strong foundation and wall is $7,689.00 USD to cover costs of materials and labor.  Thank God, The Family Church at Christian Retreat in Bradenton Florida has responded with $1000 towards this urgent need.  


We are now believing God will inspire such as you for the remaining needed funds to complete the construction of the wall. By faith I have authorized workers to get started on the new wall by digging its foundation.


Would you consider being a part of the solution and help with the safety of the children?  Grace International is a Christian Federal tax-exempt organization savings lives and reaching people to Jesus for more than 45 years in the Country of Haiti. All donations are tax-exempt.


Options to donate: By mail – Grace International PO Box 694137, Miami FL. 33269. Onlin- cash or non-cash donation. Text-to- donate- GRACE to 56512.  By phone- 954-394-8929.



Bishop Joel R Jeune

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